Online Classes

How are the classes conducted online through internet?

XXX_8325_1275590550_1Answer: The classes are conducted through lessons. These lessons are online pages and they also have video in the form of recorded slides from live classes that were conducted in the Himalayas.

In addition, there are preparatory lessons, about one per month, that precede the Himalaya (or other contact classes).

Many mentors have their own schedule of webinars. PJC-India webinars are uploaded to the website

We also have a Forum for answering your questions from time to time and those who ask are always the ones to benefit the most besides benefiting others. There are support forums as well as PJC Forums for each year of the course. Every mentor is responsible for their batch of PJC Students – to guide them and discuss their questions.

You can study at your own pace but it is good to study an hour a day at least

Author: srath